1.23 Crore Package! But How Does It Matter To Us?

1.23 Crore Package! But How Does It Matter To Us?

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No matter how much is written and said about money not being a measurement of success at all, and about how we as a society must quickly get over with our obsession with fat-packages, we have time and again reacted kiddish to the news of job offers of companies like Google.

And this time it is Chetan Kakkar whom everybody seems to be hailing as ‘the boy of 1.23 crore package’, now there is a big problem I have with all that is being said on the internet about him.

Why are we so obsessed with a pay package?  Is that a great thing to be hailed at all?  Is money the measure of somebody’s success?

These are three important questions which we have largely misunderstood. Let’s answer them with some more questions. In fact the whole article will give you only some questions to think over….

Do your earnings at the end of the day matter?  Subsistence or getting rich? Isn’t both a very personal thing? Why does a society have to be bothered about how much a guy earns? Pay Peanuts-1source

Was just getting a job with a fat package not the purpose of education, but learning? If it was the latter did the other children who did not achieve the same package learn less than this guy?

If not, then why should money over-rate him and his personality?

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What is the purpose of learning then? Does he deserve all the light we are giving him just for getting a package more than what others got? Isn’t that a sign of materialism at warning levels?

But what about that somebody in his college who did not earn a so-good package, but is still doing a lot of good things around them?

Aren’t we ourselves fueling that stupid mentality which says the purpose of getting into elite colleges is not to learn and study better, but to get better packages? Then why do we cry at the bloody races for the IITs later?



What about that poor classmate of Chetan who took his philosophy teacher too seriously when she said you are not by what you earn but what you do to others? Is all that a stupid lie?



And what happened to all that which everybody has always been telling us that money didn’t matter and success is more than what you make finally?



Isn’t that a very dangerous level of hypocrisy?