10 Awesome Reasons To Declare Wednesday A Week-Off

10 Awesome Reasons To Declare Wednesday A Week-Off

Dedicated to all those poor souls who are in a dire need of an off as Wednesday is just round the corner. We all have those days where we wake up in the morning in the hope that it is a weekend and turns out it is just the mid of the week: Wednesday. So here are the reasons why Wednesday should be declared a week off.

1. Equality: 2 days work before Wednesday, 2 days work after Wednesday. We preach Constitution’s equality to the fullest. πŸ˜€


2. Right to no Work: Government should understand that a mid-week break is a must for our energy to do the work is almost half by Wednesday and we need to rejuvenate.


3. Morning Blues: More than Mondays, we get Wednesday morning blues when all we want to do is take that bed again and sleep.


4. Efficiency Crisis: Even if we manage to get out of that bed, the efficiency to work is absolutely ZERO, helping no purpose. πŸ˜›


5. Right to Sleep: As per the democratic public we should be given the Right to Sleep as and when we wish to. And that day is definitely Wednesday.


6. Ruining Weekend: Nothing has been managing to ruin our weekends other than realizing it is just Wednesday.


7. Coffee Break: We all need a coffee break in the mid-week and by coffee I mean wine & by break I mean a day off.


8. Feeling Wednesday: All of us hate Wednesday because they feel like Thursday and then we wish it was Friday!


9. No TGIF, it is I-J-W: Instead of feeling Thank God it’s Friday the thought of It-is-Just-Wednesday is simply disturbing.


10. Accomplishing half way through the week SIMPLY makes us eligible for a Wednesday off.


So all the people who are with me on this, please SHARE this article and let us reach out to AAP and tell them this is Aam Aadmi’s basic requirement.


Gif Source: Buzzfeed.com