10 Bad Habits Of People Who Hate Cleanliness

10 Bad Habits Of People Who Hate Cleanliness

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Are you the one who keeps your room messy because it helps you find things easily? Or the one who is all fine is your hands are damn dirty but if there is food around, you do not care? Then you are exactly one of those people who hate cleanliness. Check out for the bad traits of you who nobody likes because you’re DIRTY!


1. They do not care about how others might think of their room.


2. It is OK for them to shake hands while eating the lunch with ghee wale haath. 



3. Preaching about how cool is dirty is their best time pass.



4. Cribbing over the fact that they misplaced their things because the room was clean is just pathetic.



5. Knowingly annoying the people by making things messier is a fun activity for them.



6. Their car is never clean and chips packs and coke bottles can be always found lying inside.



7. Their parents are equally irritated with them and they have simply stopped cribbing because they know there is nothing changing them.



8. You will see them being okay with just dusting off their hands from their pants.



9. They will refuse to agree to the fact that they are dirty. For them it is their lifestyle.



10. And even if some day they do, their ultimate response: Kya farak padta hai? 


So, all those who suffer from these torture of the people who hate cleanliness, make them read this, it might give them some sense!

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