10 Best Hairstyles for School Girls that Will Make Heads Turn

10 Best Hairstyles for School Girls that Will Make Heads Turn

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With that cranky and boring uniform every day that you have got to wear to school, there ought to be something that peps it up and makes you look different. So hair are 12 experiments that you can do with your hairstyle and look stylish even in the boring school.


1. Going the messy ponytail way.

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2. The one-sided pony tail.

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 3. Half pony tail is the right way in school to keep it simple yet quirky.

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4. Layered Hair Ponytail well secured with elastic bands.

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 5. Basic Bun is the new chic way to be experimenting.

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6. Sock Bun tangled is a clean sweep from all the scolds that you might get from teachers for hair experimentation.

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7. Crossover Clipping and leaving some hair strands untied.

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8. Go the vintage way of having 2 front braids and dazzle every one with your fashionable approach.

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9. Shoulder Braid on one-side is the coolest thing that you could do to make the heads turn.

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10. Striking the right fashion with fish tail braid is going to make you ever-stylish if you can pull it off right.

10Source: Afashionistasdiary.com

So, the next time you plan to add an element of good looks to your boring mundane school day choose to don on these hairstyles and you’re all set to make the heads turn.