10 Best Things To Happen When Its Your Best Friend’s Birthday

10 Best Things To Happen When Its Your Best Friend’s Birthday

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Friends are like our extended family. Any important event in their life is like our own and birthdays are one such occasion. Your best friend’s birthday is an equally big deal for you as it is for them. From planning to booking to inviting to getting stuck to every thing possible! You have got each thing in place and sorted. Why? Because it’s your best friend’s birthday but you are the host for it.

It feels great to do so and see that special person smile and here what happens next:


1. You are as excited as it’s your own birthday!


2. The planning starts taking place a month before.


3. You are already contacting all of his/her friends for a surprise bash.


4. A perfect gift is all that you are looking for, all the time!


5. And of course, a perfect dress for yourself. After all, his b’day = your b’day!


6. You keep teasing them and dropping hints about their b’day plans.


7. You invite your friends as well as you are the host!


8. You can’t wait to see your friend’s reaction!


9. And get all wasted as he/she ages! 😀


10. And last but not the least, “Chalo chalo, ghanti bajate hain 12 bajne wale hain!”


After all what best friends are for?