10 Challenges That You Will Face in Your Weight Loss Journey

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    Weight loss journey is no cake walk and these challenges will tell you exactly why!

    Killing the cravings: So often you will miss those aimless binging sessions where you eat those monstrous yet extremely tasty Indian Magic Masala.


    Eating in small portions: We all love to eat all that we are served with and eating in less quantity literally kills us way too much!


    Giving upon Saturday night booze: The most depressing part of weight loss journey is when you cannot attend those parties and even if some day you do, you cannot get drunk.


    Fear of gaining all the weight back: As they all say that once you leave the gym, you gain all the lost weight back and this soon becomes our reason for stress.


    Listening to those compliments about losing weight and pretending not giving a f**K since you know you’re way too far from your target.


    Saying NO to cheese burst pizza. Pizza does not taste like pizza until it is not cheese burst. But in diet you not only have to say no cheese but also go for thin crust VEG pizza that too once in a month.


    The leg days: Every gym freak would know that the most dreaded day is the leg day at the gym because after leg day you can’t walk straight for next two days!
    Trying to focus on gym and not the opposite gender: We all know gym is the one place where we have our biggest crushes with sexy hot bodies and when you’re working out you really need to concentrate on gym rather than checking them out.
    Those salads and bland foods: Imagine every time you are excited about your dinner, all you get to see is 3 boiled beans, 2 broccoli and some chicken with no salt. Even looking at this food kills your appetite.
    Getting off your bed: Its well said that the biggest lift in gym is lifting your body off the bed and going to gym and trust me, it indeed is the biggest task to achieve.

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