10 Comparisons Between Girls Getting Drunk VS Boys Getting Drunk

10 Comparisons Between Girls Getting Drunk VS Boys Getting Drunk

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Main Sharaabi” a song that most of us relate to and how our feet start tapping the floor when that song plays in the club is the exact reason why we LOVE to get high. Getting drunk is all cool and fine till you know you’re more than tipsy! Find out how getting drunk works out for girls VS boys.


1. Shots v/s Pegs: Girls believe in getting high asap and hence prefer quick drinking whereas guys savor each and every sip. Hence, you’ll find girls getting drunk on shots and guys cherishing their pegs.



2. Bitching session v/s Bhaaigiri: The girls turn bitchy once drunk and will find everything wrong around whereas every guy becomes bhaaai for life post the drinking session.



3. Tears v/s Business Plans: While girls get all emotional and teary-eyed, the guys work out their emotions by discussing the shittiest business plans.



4. Getting Cozy v/s Getting Flirty: Where drunk girls find their resort in cuddles, guys become all out loud and go flirting!


5. No Promises v/s Deep talks: Girls goes from emotional to a straight talker whereas guys delve themselves into deepest of conversations of how Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.



6. The Deepika Padukone moves v/s Sunny Deol Floor thumping: Girls let their hair loose and go from all sharmilee to Deepika Padukone dance whereas the guys go from smooth dancers to Sunny Deol’s Yaara O Yaara!

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7. Slurring over texts v/s No texting zone: Girls will go on and on texting across their pehla pyaar and boys go to no-reverts because abhi mujhe chadi nahi hai yaar!



8. Never-to-do-list v/s To-always-do list: While girls will go swearing all the time and make jhuthe vaade of drinking for the last time, guys are busy making a pact of having this awesome time every Saturday!



9. Cooking@home v/s Tangdi Kababs: While girls have to be home  time by 10, they binge on home cooked food while guys will go out hunting for Tangdi Kababs at 2 am.


10. Morning Hangover: There might be different ways people behave post alcohol but alcohol believes in equality so both girls and boys are going to suffer from morning hangovers with severe headache!  



So being a girl, if you just thought that you will stop texting your EX post getting drunk and being a guy you have sworn to never hunt for a restaurant implies that this article was meant for you! So share it because You’re Sharaabi! Yes! You’re Sharaabi!