10 Coolest Jobs of 2016

10 Coolest Jobs of 2016

Gone are the days when teacher and doctors were the only professions. Now we have so many options to explore and earn money for the coolest jobs ever! And trust us they pay fairly well. If asked, I would do all these jobs for absolutely free! But here are the details:

Wine Sommelier: Imagine being paid for tasting wine all your life. Would not you do this absolutely free of cost? This sommelier has to just have an avid taste of wines and judge if the wine has come out perfectly or not. Pay Package: Rs. 50 lacs/year.


Water Slide Tester: So go back to that age where you were a kid and loved going on water slides and just swim through them? This job pays you for being that kid again. It is just that the slides are bigger and better. Pay Package: 15 lacs/year
Travel or Food Blogger: This is a voluntary passion which you follow and just travel round the world. If you are good enough to attract a lot of followers then the hotels and restaurants decide to sponsor your trip and even pay for those sponsored posts that you put on your blog. What better no? Pay Package: Uncertain but if a good blogger then somewhere around 10 Lacs/year.
Company Buyer: Are you a shopaholic? Is shopping the only talent you have? Do not worry this job pays you for exactly that talent. You’re paid to visit the most amazing stores, drag their fashion sense back to your company and you do all this by simply shopping everywhere. Pay Package: 30 lacs/year

"CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC" (Pictured) Isla Fisher Ph:Robert Zuckerman © 2008 Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckeimer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Luxury Bed Tester: So even the laziest of all people also can find themselves a wonderful job. This job is damn easy since you only have to test and tell on which bed did you get the most sound sleep. And since it is meant for luxury living, it becomes a difficult task since you can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Pay Package: 30 lacs/year
Paradise Island Caretaker: You get to live on a secluded island that belongs to some rich spoilt filthy rich guy who has too much money to buy an island and to hire you to live there and take care of it for him. So just take that pinacolada and relax on that private beach! Pay Package: 50 lacs/year
Scuba Diving Instructor: Remember how in ZNMD Katrina is scuba instructor for the 3 extremely good looking men which also included Hritik Roshan? So here’s your chance to be that Katrina Kaif and live your underwater dream by being a diving instructor. Pay Package: 30 lacs/ year
Professional Cuddler: Do you look like a cute teddy bear who anybody could cuddle and simply melt? Here’s the right profession for you. You get to hug gorgeous woman who are vulnerable and even earn for doing that. Pay Package: 5000 Rs./hour!
Trek Travel Guide: YJHD how Ranbir Kapoor tells his story about trek guide at a company and takes people for trek. Imagine that is a real job. You can take people for a trek and fulfil your travelling dream at the same time. Could life be any better? Pay Package: 20 dollars/hour
Cruise Ship Entertainer: Those awesome moves that Anushka Sharma shows in Dil Dhadakne Do is a real job! Cruise Ship Entertainer is somebody who performs for those extravagant people on a cruise and need some entertainment. Pay Package: $7000/month.


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