10 Cute Ways To Say I Love You To Your Girl (Without...

10 Cute Ways To Say I Love You To Your Girl (Without Saying It)

Girls although are the sweetest to their boyfriends, sometimes they become very confusing. They do not want you to every time say that you love them, instead they expect you to show it. So here are a few signs that make your girlfriend knows how much you love her without having to say it:

Little PDA always works: When you hold her in public and give her a forehead kiss that is more than a sign that you love her beyond words can ever explain.


Be Chivalrous: Those small gestures of pulling the chair, opening the door for her are never too old fashioned.
Those Good Morning Texts: Just a sweet reminder to your girl that she is the first thought on your mind as soon as she wakes up.
Random Calls: Give her a call randomly in office hours and say that you miss her or sing a sweet song to her and she is all yours!
Those Surprise Flowers: Flowers never hurt anybody and those no occasion flowers are the best thing a girl could hope for.
Show her off to your friends: Tell your friends about her It shows how happy and glad you are about her presence in your life.
Hug her from behind: While waiting in a queue at the movies or may be just for no reason, grab her from the waist and kiss her on the cheek.
Give her a Back Rub: When she has had a bad day at work and comes back home with a little cranky behaviour, just give her a nice back rub. No questions asked.
Get Jealous and not possessive: If you see her talking to her friend or giving him a friendly hug, tell her that you wish it was you in his place. Its cute! But know the difference between jealousy and possessiveness.
Love Her Imperfections: You know she is awesome but sometimes she might be not right. But you love her anyway for those perfect imperfections that she has!


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