10 Differences Between A Typical Delhite Girl And Mumbaikar Girl

10 Differences Between A Typical Delhite Girl And Mumbaikar Girl

Lets get the ever since battle to a stand still now! Check out these 10 ways which are an outright comparison between the Oh-so-darling Delhiite Girls and Oh-so-magnificent Mumaikar girls!


1. Maintenance Charges: Delhi girls are really high-maintenance with their fancies to go to only Fio or The Lodhi V/s Mumbai girl who is equally happy with Vada Pav at Chowpatty Beach!



2. Elegance V/s Chic: A Delhi girl always has to be prim and proper with the right make up and perfectly manicured nails whereas Mumbai girls will not mind roaming out in tank tops with up-tied buns!



3. Jaguar V/s Auto: Bohemia aptly defines the Delhi-kudi in his song and understands that getting a Delhi-girl is definitely not a cakewalk. Wherein a Mumbai girl will travel in autos with you and never crib about it. 3


4. Shaadi V/s Live-in: Delhi girl is total shaadi material and will jump on to the topic in no-time as soon as she turns 23. Mumbai girl can walk in to your house, live with you for years and even then not utter the word! 4


5. Bollywood Fever: Delhi-girls are Yo! Yo! Honey Singh fans with Blue Eyes blurting their car stereos and Mumbaikar girls will stick to the Bollywood as that’s what flows in their veins! Something about Mumbai air, I guess.



6. Labels V/s Street Spree: While Zara is the hottest pick in Delhi and you’ll be labelled low on fashion sense if you visit streets and Mumbai is a zone of high-street fashion with to good options flooding your way!



7. The Bandra against Haus Khas fight: Every time a Mumbaikar-Mulgi visits a Bandra binging restaurant, there’s a Delhiite who fights it against with the amazing Haus Khas restaurants!



8. Seasons v/s the Beach charm!: The fight that tops it all is always Delhi seasons which gets the girls experiment with the hoodies and the cardigans, a chance Mumbai-kar girl will never get. But then they’ve got their bikini bodies all set to flaunt at the beaches. Ummm tough to score on this one!8


9. Getting into the Eyes: A delhiite will be too skeptical while walking down the Delhi roads and no choice to get that mini-skirt out in the public, but  a Mumbai-girl gets to show it all out! No one staring and the chilled atmosphere gives Mumbai brownie points on this one!



10. Stilettos V/s Flip-flops: The comfort of Mumbai girls is shown when they strike out of homes wearing those homie flip-flops and never bother about them wherein Delhi, going out to mall without stilettos is a fashion crime! Fashion Police on arrest mode.



Whether you’re a Mumbaikar or a Delhiite, remember just one thing… You are an INDIAN at heart.