10 Fascinating Facts About Human Body That You Must Know

10 Fascinating Facts About Human Body That You Must Know

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Human body is the weirdest functioning thing on the planet earth. I mean think about it, at right this very second your body is doing a million functions at the same time on a complete automated mode. It is more impressive than a robot. Let’s explore some weird and strange facts about human body.


The Goosebumps that we get on our body heat us up quickly are good for us in the times we are cold. Who knew these tiny marks are of any good?


The itching or scratching that we get on our body is mainly because our brain sends signals to us that something is wrong around your body that deserves your immediate reaction and that’s when we generally scratch or itch our body. And we thought mosquitoes cause it!


Sweating is the grossest things that we think human beings do. Especially men, but least did we know that sweating keeps our body cool as it is the way of body to release extra absorbed heat. Dear women, do not complaint now.


When a girl blushes, she is in love. Oh Dear, not really. It has evolved as a product of social interactions that humans do that make us cheeky and rosy as a signal of extra love or anger. Basically overdose of feelings cause us blushing!
We all know when we sneeze all our body functions stops for that moment. Even our precious heart stops functioning. But did we know that sneezing was our body’s way of disposing off the germs that just entered into our system and is a barrier against the bacteria! I think now we all should start sneezing more.
Crying is a reflex action of body that cannot be controlled. No matter how hard we try, sometimes the tears will come to our eyes and moisten the eyeballs. The main reason behind this phenomenon is yet to be known but for sure we would love to explore more on it to save us a few heart breaks.
Dreaming is a phenomenon that is generally related to your I.Q. It is said the higher your I.Q., the more you dream. So now we know why most of us love sleeping so much. Higher I.Q. guys!
Heart Rate of woman is faster than men. Now this one was too obvious since woman are much more compassionate than men, now we have science also proving that for us. Thank you science!
Earwax that our doctors will ask to get regularly cleaned and we also would spend money on earbuds to keep our ears clean is actually good for your ears. They are the ear’s defence mechanism from any kind of dirt, bacteria and fungus.
You were born with blue eyes. True Story! When you are born it is with blue eyes and over the time your eyes get darkened by the ultraviolet light.

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