10 Fresh Rom-Com Movies that are a Must-Watch with your Boyfriend

10 Fresh Rom-Com Movies that are a Must-Watch with your Boyfriend

The breezy cold weather and rom-com movies with boyfriends are the perfect new Saturday night plans in the new year. Imagine just the two of you snuggling and curling in bed with each other watching the awesomest rom-com movies of the year gone by. Here is a list of those perfect romantic comedies that are a must-watch this year.

Love, Rosie: This beautiful movie based on the novel “Where the Rainbow Ends” is the sweetest movie about two childhood best friends who love each other since forever but come to a realization at wrong times and then end up being with each other after almost 30 years. The portrayal of the story is extremely beautiful and will make you believe in the power of love all over again.
Love Rosie

Aloha: When a movie has amazing star cast which includes Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone, there are not many reasons to not to watch it. Aloha is a movie that is based on reckoning the right love for you and making your life perfect with love’s presence around you. A beautifully moulded story will make you and your boyfriend snuggle up more.
A Little Chaos: A British Period drama featuring Kate Winslet as the beautiful landscape designer who gets romantically entangled in the process of building the garden at Versailles. The ecstatic beauty of the locations and the love for drama will get you two all swooning over this movie.
A little Chaos
Sleeping with Other People: The story is based on two people who admit their love for each other and yet decide to take a different path. Of course in course of time they do end up being with each other but the journey is interesting and worth looking forward to.
Sleeping with Others
Fifty Shades Of Grey: The most talked about movie of the year, Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson featuring in this portrayal of E.L. James novel is an exotic treat for the couples to watch together. The movie has some pretty erotic scenes to turn on both of you and have an intense snuggle session during the movie.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Brooklyn: The protagonist is an Irish immigrant who when lands in Brooklyn falls in a new romance. However, soon after her past catches up she has got to make a choice between the two. So, the story line intensifies with the twist making this rom com a must-watch for the year.
Tamasha: An epic tail spelling the true meaning of love as being who you are and your lover bringing that out of you is well portrayed in Tamasha. With the amazing chemistry between Deepika and Ranbir, superb locations and brilliant story line, this movie will bring you two closer for sure.
6 Years: A sweet young couple who seem to be into their blurb of ideal love begin to face different spins in their life as unexpected opportunities come across in their lives and threaten their future.
6 years
Accidental Love: A waitress who accidentally gets a nail in her head leading to a fatal injury in her head causing her to be acting in an unusual manner. The injury takes her to a new city where the senator who takes her case ends up falling for her. The movie is a series of funny events that happen time and again goofing up the the two of you!
Accidental Love

Dum Laga Ke Haisha: This epic sweet love story between a village based couple for a competition that proves out the true meaning of trust is a simple touch of beauty to LOVE. This movie will make you fall in love with your love all over again.

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