10 Girl Codes that Should Never Be Broken

10 Girl Codes that Should Never Be Broken

Two girls’ bond is far more stronger and commitment rigid than even a relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend. Their codes are more sacred than the vows of a marriage and nothing can and will ever come between two best friends. Else simply it is a World War. So note these 10 Girl Codes that can never be broken:


Never ever think of dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend. He was a jerk to leave her at 1st place, now you’re being a jerk by dating him knowing that you will hurt your bond.
The girl gang should always have a common enemy whether you know or you don’t know what that person did wrong. S/he is your enemy too.
 If your girl-friend is pissed or depressed or upset about anything, just bring her a vanilla choco-chip ice cream bucket and be there for her.
You 2 have to go for shopping together and convince your girl-friend that she has not put on weight. Say she looks gorgeously stunning in everything she tries.
Your salon days are synced together and you must never cancel on those dates. Just be there on time and you will have your best friend forever.
 As imperative it is for you to not like her ex, the same amount of responsibility you have towards her current boyfriend. You have to like him as a person and tell her how perfect he is for her.
 You make a pinky promise that you will never upload an image of you two together in which she does not look good enough. It is simply prohibited.
 Her secrets are your sacred secrets. Never let them out. Always stick to keeping them because once leaked, you can not take them back and she can let out all your dirty secrets too.
 Never steal her thunder. Stealing her attention away from her is a heinous crime that you should never commit. She is getting it from somebody, dont try to take that away from her.
 Do not take away her other friends or be around them without informing her. She will herself call you if she wants you to be there in an outing with her friends. Never go out by yourself with her friends.


So SHARE with your bestie and promise her you will adhere by all these girl codes forever!

Gif Sources: Tumblr.com