10 Indian Actresses Who Look Gorgeous Without Make-up

10 Indian Actresses Who Look Gorgeous Without Make-up

Make up is known to enhance every beautiful woman’s looks. But we guess these dazzling bollywood beauties do not need any of it to make them look any better. Here are 10 bollywood gorgeous girls who look awesome without make up!

Jacqueline Fernandes: This Sri Lankan beauty always manages to look so gorgeous every time we see her on screen but the simple fact that she looks equally brilliant off screen says all about her perfection.

Yami Gautam: She is so beautiful and her girl-next-door image has always stolen our hearts with her simplicity. Look how she looks so casual and chic without her glam-up look.
Diana Penty: Although she suddenly disappeared from silver screen, she is one beautiful goddess. She looks as impeccable without make up as she look with it!


Alia Bhatt: This one young lady is bagging all the accolades for being a good actor, for being super nice co-star and for being the most dyanamic personality. And look at her cuteness and you know you can completely drool over it.


Parineeti Chopra: This one dazzler whose making news all over for becoming so fit is as lovely as it gets even when she’s not all glamed up. Make up does wonders to her but without it also manages to look perfect.
Malaika Arora Khan: This mummy keeps on getting yummy day by day. Malaika Arora Khan is the hottest mommy who looks too glamourous without her make up and especially while working out.
Anushka Sharma: Although everybody claims that she has undergone the knife, but this bollywood actress can beat any one in the without make up beauty pageant just in case something like that takes place.
Katrina Kaif: Although her rumoured beau allegedly broke up with her we’re still wondering how can someone leave a beauty like this.
Genelia D’Souza: Since, we are on the topic of the dazzling beauty how can we skip out on this cute actress who is so pretty and sweet. This girl who took our hearts away as Aditi is all ever cute with or without make up.
Shradha Kapoor: Taking bollywood by storm with her Aashiqui with Aditya Roy Kapoor Shradha Kapoor has managed to always sweep us off our feet even without her make up.


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