10 Indian Evergreen Dishes That Have Been Ruling Our Heart

10 Indian Evergreen Dishes That Have Been Ruling Our Heart

With being an Indian comes a by-default trait of being a foodie. And we Indians take our own Land’s food too seriously (MIND IT). So here is a list of Indian evergreen dishes that we have been crushing over for years now.

1. Jalebi: Since forever, the lip-smacking dessert that has served the and won over hearts of all Indians, jalebi should officially be declared as the Dessert of the Nation.
2. Butter Chicken: This delectable dish leaves no one craving for anything else but itself. Butter chicken is on the top of every Indian’s list.
3. Rajma Chawal: Every household in India has a fixed day to celebrate every week, it is the Rajma Chawal day and we all lip-smackingly LOVE IT!
4. Gol-Gappe: If there was one thing that we would never want a ban on (after Maggi of course), it is our delectable Gol-Gappe. 
5. Chhole Bhature: The Punjabis have the habit of dozing on whatever is over the top oily and over the top tasty and undoubtedly, Chhole Bhature checks the list.
6. Dal Makhani: Family outings and a bowl of Dal Makhani with Naan makes family dinners so much more adorable and an ideal deal to look forward to.
7. Stuffed Paranthas: Indians can hog over Paranthas all the time. Starting from gobhi to aloo to paneer, we all are true Parantha fans.
8. Ras Malai: This one is on the list for being my personal absolute favorite with its juicy taste and the drooling ras, this one calls for a dessert right now
9. Tandoori Chicken: If there is one snack that we all Indians can survive on for life, it has to be tandoori chicken!
10. Maa ka Khaana: Anything and everything that is made by our Pyaari Maa is what we love and nothing beats it! We Indians simply die for Ghar ka Khaana and choose it over any goddamn thing in the world.


So, if the list left you hungry too much, go for an amazing treat to yourself and enjoy these Indian Evergreen dishes!


Image Source: Tumblr.com