10 Kinds Of Friends We All Have In Our Lives

10 Kinds Of Friends We All Have In Our Lives

There presence in our lives is inexpressible. There absence is something we can’t even imagine. Friends are not only you extended family but home for all your unsaid emotions. And here are few of them, which we all have in our lives. Of course we can’t do without them, not even for a day!

1. The Agony Aunt: Here’s your advice for the day!



2. The ‘I.D.C’ Friend: I don’t care what’s going on in your life but let’s have some beer together!


3. The Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Friend: You guys haven’t met in ages but still act like buddies.


4. The 4 a.m Friend: No, its not necessary that you are best friends but there are things you can only share with them.


5. The Childhood Friend: The one who is indispensable in your life & always be ‘mere bachpan ka dost!’


6. The Dirty Mind friend: With whom you learnt all the Fs’ & Os’ and explored the ‘non-veg.’ world around.



7. The Emo Friend: The one with whom your senti and emotional side get out.


8. The Vella Friend: Your only escape for movies, shopping and other chilling stuff.


9. The Drama Friend: Who adds all the drama in all the situations of life. Mostly unnecessarily.


10. The Best Friend: Of course he is the bestest & your daily vent out for the tiniest of things. He’s been there always. For now & forever!


Tag them, tell them or add more to the list! Because from time to time they need to be told, how much we love them! <3