10 Know-How Ways That Your Partner is Cheating on You

10 Know-How Ways That Your Partner is Cheating on You

As blissful as the feeling is to be in love, being cheated upon is equally annoying and disappointing. There are very obvious signs of being cheated on but we choose to ignore them because we never think that this could happen to us. So here are 10 know-how signs of being cheated on:

The phone hiding: They tend to hide their phone and pass codes. Every time you pick up their phones, they appear there like a ninja and take it away from you.


Coming home late: It appears as if office work has become their priority and there are too many late night stays and too much office load.


Cancelling the plans: Every time there is a plan with you just you two, your partner keeps on finding a reason to cancel on it. Even if it works out, they have to rush out to smewhere else suddenly.
You have not met his/her friends: Friends always know what their friend is upto. So they keep them away from you just in case they blurt out something in front of you.
His/her phone is mostly on ‘call waiting’ and whatsapp always shows ‘online’: Every time you pick your phone and dial them, it is on call waiting. There are times when they receive your text but decide not to reply back despite being online because they are too occupied responding to someone else.
The blame game: If in any case you ask them even once what’s wrong they snap back at you and get insecure. They start thinking that you are also cheating on them since they start seeing everybody from their own suspicious lens now.
S/He comes on your friend’s Tinder suggestion is a sure shot reason for you to know that you’re being cheated on. No committed person other wise requires a tinder account.
S/He have sudden mood swings which are too frequent: There are times when they’re just too tired or not in the mood to or may be having a headache and these reasons are far too often than you can buy.
Less intimacy: The level of intimacy that you two used to share suddenly drops down and the graph has a sudden negative curve because they are getting that from somewhere else.
They freak out every time they hear ‘we need to talk’ thinking that this might be the time when the are going to get busted and just react very unusually to this situation.


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