10 Lame Excuses Given By People Who Don’t Dance

10 Lame Excuses Given By People Who Don’t Dance

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Whether you are at the club, or a party you will definitely find someone sitting at the bar. People, who don’t dance, usually come up with excuses when you ask them to dance. So, in their honor, we have come up with a list of WORLD’S LAMEST EXCUSES given by people who don’t dance!

  1. My friend’s sister-in-law’s uncle’s son’s teacher’s cat died. I cannot tell you how tragic it was! You don’t expect me to dance in this situation, do you?

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  2. “I’m wearing heels.” *points at the 0.5 inch heels* “Yes, they are pretty high for me. What would you know about my struggles?”

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  3. I still haven’t come up with a good excuse for not dancing. Can you ask me a little later?

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  4. My astrologer said my stars are against me dancing tonight … Or this happens.

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  5. I have to help mom with cleaning my room. I can’t waste all my energy on the dance floor.


  6. I do not dance on days that end with the alphabet ‘y’.

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  7. I am on a date with my comfort zone, tonight. It will be very rude if I leave her alone.

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  8. The spirits are telling me not to move from this spot. Wait… I hear something…yes…they are telling me to make a run for it. *runs*

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  9. I am way too good at dancing. I don’t want people to feel insecure about their moves.

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  10. Dance? Oh yeah. Wait, I think someone just called my name. I’ll be right back. *returns after a year* You were saying?

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