10 Lessons That You Have Learned From Your Elder Sister’s Experiences

10 Lessons That You Have Learned From Your Elder Sister’s Experiences

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There is only one person in your life who saves you from the mom’s scolds and at the same time scolds you for the same deed herself. She is your enemy, your best friend, your agony aunt and your shoulder to cry on. And you both might not say it that often, you love her a lot and she loves you back equally.

So here are 10 lessons you’ve learnt from your elder sister.


1. Never to waste your precious mascara on silly boys. They’re simply not worth it.


2. Do not ever tell mom things she does not wanna hear as elder sis knows that you might be grounded for that.


3, Going to college is awesome fun! Taking an off and sitting at home simply leads to doing household work. *boring*.


4. Never take science over commerce unless you’re Einstein or Sheldon Cooper. You learn from her mistakes.


5. Studies do not matter, what matters more is knowledge. The way you carry yourself and bring out the best in you.


6. Always seek your elder sister before making a boyfriend. She knows them better and can give you the best of advice.


7. The art of having fun. You learned from your elder sister what are all the cool places to go chill at and how awesome restaurant is because she is your personal ZOMATO. 


8. How to apply make-up and if you can not master it, she does it on you!


9. Ways to deal with rishtedaar and their annoying yanking questions about shaadi. 


10. Elder sister also manages to teach you how to actually live a life which is full of awesomeness and crazy fun!


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