10-Life Hacks of Quickly Getting Over a Break-Up

10-Life Hacks of Quickly Getting Over a Break-Up

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We all have been through that terrible phase of break-ups where all we can sulk about is why the hell did I get myself in to this? But if we have easy life-hacks to get out of those sobbing days, then nothing better than that. So here we are to your rescue!


 1. Find LOVE in hopeless place: Go do stupid stuff and by stupid it does not mean join Tinder. Find love in things like cooking or may be jogging. You will be not thinking about that stupid-ex of yours at least!



2. Stay away from ice-creams: Ice-creams are depression aggressors and can cause severe damage to your figure, when in reality you need to maintain your shape for the next one to come!


3. Go WORK-OUT: Having said above, no need to tell you that hitting the gym is the wisest choice right now!


4. Knock on friend’s door: Meet your friends who you have been avoiding all this while because you were busy cuddling your Baabuuu and Shonaaa. Friends are your true love and will never leave your side unlike your ex and will help you get over them at the earliest.



5. Write about it: Write down your dil ka dard in a diary and trust us it will help you evolve out of the severe depression phase you are undergoing due to your break-up. It lightens your heart and makes you feel better!


6. Strictly NO cyber-stalking: No No and a Strict NO. Do not look into your ex’s Facebook profile or his/her check-ins. It is going to make you miserable! Just know that they are not in your life any more for a reason and cyber stalking them will make things worse.


7. Learn to play guitar: If you know how to play guitar you are already in the hot-lot of people who might be your prospective future plus you have a hobby in hand that will keep you occupied enough to not to think of that EX!



8. Watch insanely comedy movies: And roll on floor laughing. Doing crazy stuff that makes you happy is the best therapy to break ups!                Some Suggestions: Andaz Apna Apna, Hera Pheri, Khosla ka Ghosla. 


9. Keep away from your phone: Stop staring at your phone and wait for his/her text to flash. Because it is so not coming! Instead keep your phone to some corner and do something indulging. Mushkil hai but try it.



10. Flush him/her out of your life: Remember how amazingly Geet’s formula of throwing Aditya’s ex worked for him and he felt so much better. Do it! I know it is a hacked idea, but that’s what the title said. 😛



Just religiously follow these simple mantras. And we promise you will get over with that bad break up sooner than you would have ever thought!


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