10 Life Lessons From Our All Time Favorite ‘P.S- I Love You’

10 Life Lessons From Our All Time Favorite ‘P.S- I Love You’

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An American fiction released in the year of 2007, P.S. I Love You is among the most popular love stories. A movie that takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions with the heart felt story of Holly & Gerry. A married couple who are deeply in love but with occasional fights take a toll on them.

On a dull Sunday evening, this epic piece taught me how bright is the light of love and how we should caress it till the time we have it.

1. Love is crazy. It can be a pain in the ass but it is always worth it!


2. Love has no boundaries. You don’t need someone to be there 24*7 with you.


3. Love is friendship too. People who stand by you through all your thick times!


4. Love is to be with a mad woman and still love her madly.


5. Love is about expressing especially in your worst times!


6. Love is not being scared of it. Anytime in life, wherever you stand, it will always be there.


7. Love is about being perfect even in the most imperfect situations.


8. Love is all about your small-big gestures.


9. And most importantly to say it in your words!


10. Love is family. The only permanent in your life and who’ll be always there for you no matter what!




P.S. Life is to love..