10 Most FALTU Questions All Indian Teens Are Tired Of Hearing

10 Most FALTU Questions All Indian Teens Are Tired Of Hearing

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Namaskaar! Welcome to India. The country where you are often asked questions about yourself and you have to answer even if you don’t want to. The younger you are, the more questions will be asked. By whom? By your family, all possible relatives and their relatives. Can you avoid them? No, you can’t, it is unethical and your family won’t even think twice before disowning you for talking back to strangers.

P.S- We understand your plight and give you a quick glance of few tortuous questions:

1. “Beta aagey kya karne ka socha hai?”

Aunty aapki beti ko pataane ka soch hai!



2. “Kisi galat aadaton mein toh nahi pade?

No just breathing man! Is it wrong?


3. “Koi tumhe fasa toh nahi raha hai?”

Haan! Padhai fasa rahi hai.


4. “Pata hai, kuch life ke baare mein?



5. “Tumahare mummy-papa ko pata hai tumhare dosto ke baare mein?”

Haan, jitna mujhe pata hai aapke baare mein.


6. “Yeh kaise kapde pehnne hai? Ye sab kaun pehnnta hai?”

Aapki soch se toh zyaada hain.



7. “Itna Facebook kyun karte ho?”

Meri marzi!?


8. “Beta, mujhe apne Whatsapp par add kyun nahi karte?”

Copy, paste from above.


9. “Abhi se thoda fit raho varna kya pata dikkat ho aage?”

You mean, being fitter = to get a better guy.


10. “Beta, I hope tumhe kisi baat ka bura nahi laga ho?

Just my eyes got burnt by looking at you all this while.