10 Most Hilarious Lines Said By Celebs

10 Most Hilarious Lines Said By Celebs

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Thank God they keep entertaining us with hilarious interviews over interviews, it’s because of them that suicide rates have considerably got down. While people tie themselves up with a rope, they hear these celebs speaking go like “I own much more sense, the earth needs me more. “Here is the list of 10 Most Hilarious Lines of some celebs which you can be pretty sure about, they are going to say something similar very soon in times to come. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the great Indian circus .


1. I realized I wanted to be an actress the day I was ‘out’ in the hospital. I think instead of the word mom I said “films.”


2. I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman . I know better because I am student of Political Science.



3. I am a virgin and I am saving myself for my future wife . May be in the jail , what about you gorgeous lady ?


4. There are two stages to becoming rich – First you loot the people . And then you rape the government . I have had masters in both . 



5. I always wanted to be a porn star. I am going to work very hard with clarity to be a pornstar . I will take my flag and put it up in America as the biggest pornstar of the world.


6. Politics is everywhere ..it’s in your shirt …in your pants ….everywhere …


7. It’s a rumour that I and Alia had quarrel over Siddharth . We both are rather too busy handling our dads .


8. Of all the things that I’ve lost , it is my mind that I miss the most . I just dont find time for solving my favorite Sudoku these days, so I get Karan to do it on my behalf . 


9. I feel my life is very similar to that of Obama’s . I do not come from a filmi family nor do I have a Godfather . I am from Harayana but I have changed the rules of the industry with my work , so has Obama .


10. When I go abroad women throw themselves at me . But I’m not into one-night-stands or flings.