10 Of Your Face Expressions That Unknowingly Piss Off Your Partner

10 Of Your Face Expressions That Unknowingly Piss Off Your Partner

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You know that your partner and you are a ‘made for each other’ couple. But those uncalled for face expressions at some unexpected situations can surely call for a fight or a mood shatter. And then you ask yourself, “what the hell! Why am I the scapegoat!” Take it easy dude!…these are just phases that will pass off as soon as they appeared.


1-The Indo-Pak cricket match is reaching its fever pitch and lo! It’s also time for your partner’s favourite TV serial. ‘Why don’t they understand the difference between LIVE and PRE-RECORDED thing!’



2- You go shopping with her and hold her purse while she tries tens of dresses and buys nothing. ‘Isko kuch pasand hi nahi aata yaar!’ Grrr!!



3- Your girlfriend wants you to take her out for dinner at the 5 star hotel and you have only chillars left in your wallet. What do you do? Have a ‘chillar party’ with your friends and just CHILL!



4-When she expects you to read her mind like a psychic.



5-When she acts like a drama queen to get your attention-‘Koi mujhe pyaar nahi karta :(



6-She remembers all the fights you guys have had in the past, to use them strategically later on. So, the next time you have an argument, who wins? C’mon….you already know!



7- You are meeting your ex-colleague after like 7-8 years at a party and you exchange pleasantries. Your partner’s suspicious glances scare the wits out of you.



8- She has spent like hours in front of the mirror and you are losing your nerves.



9-You got your yearly bonus and your wish to book your dream car seems to be fulfilled! But…. your partner has other plans. ‘How about some shopping? Or diamond necklace that she had seen the other day at the mall?’



10-When going for a weekend trip, she packs to the hilt, which you have to carry because it’s too heavy for her.


You both may be two sides of the same coin but you are inseparable and totally love-struck which makes everyone say, ‘Jodi No.1.’

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