10 Off Beat Hindi Movies You Must Watch

10 Off Beat Hindi Movies You Must Watch

Indian cinema is a collection of great movies. Some movies are incredible financial success and some movies are incredible stories written with perfection. Here is a list of those 10 perfect movie stories that are incredibly great and are a must-watch for every movie buff.

NH10: A simple corporate couple who lives in the city life plan to relive their romance and face the weirdest night of their lives on NH10. Ansuhka Sharma is beyond perfect in the movie.


Water: Based on Indian tradition of woman’s plight as a widow and their life post their husband’s demise is incredible. Deepa Mehta ensures that the subject is touched with subtlety and beauty.
Hazaron Khwahishe Aisi: The movie is based around the times of Emergency narrating a story of 3 people who suffer due to the social and political changes during this time.
Dum Laga Ke Haisha: The beauty of this movie is hidden in its sweet heart-touching romance and the connect that the story develops with the viewers. The simplicity of the movie is pure bliss!
Bombay Talkies: 4 directors working for one movie, Bombay Talkies speaks of urban lifestyle in Bombay and how life has a different meaning for everybody.
Cheeni Kam: This movie with a hint of humor and amazing acting talents of Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu and Paresh Rawal is a gem of a movie to keep it light and yet amazing.
No Smoking: A movie based on quitting an addiction in the scariest and darkest manner, No Smoking is a psychological thriller that will blow your minds.


Margarita With a Straw: Perfection in acting talents by Kalki and a well mould story of a woman whose suffering from cerebral palsy and the phases of her life that she faces.
Haider: Based on the condition of Kashmir’s violent insurgency wherein his father disappeared and he requires a closure on the same however, could not find an answer. The twists and turns are incredible and of course the acting talent of the entire cast is simply seamless.
BA Pass: Mukesh a young person who has strained family background requires to work for money when he finds an easy way out of satisfying elder women who are disappointed with their marriage. The story of how he gets trapped in to the situation and is unable to find an out is very different and interesting narration.


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