10 People Who Do Not Deserve a Reply Back From You

10 People Who Do Not Deserve a Reply Back From You

Like everything in life, even texting has some rules. This includes not texting back a certain group of people. Well in most cases, you will know how all these people are, but if not here we have a list for the same.

People who respond with a K text to your last message should never be allowed to text you back again ever in their lives and should lead a YOU-deprived lives.
Eating is an integral part of your life and people who call you while you’re busy doing the most important thing in your life are serious criminals!
Sarcasm in text messages should be declared as imperative and the people who do not have the sense to understand your sarcasm and reply back with the same shouldn’t exist in your contact list.
The ones who send you a good morning motivational text everyday so that your day goes fruitful. I mean what if you want to laze out today and not do anything worthy. They just screw it.
The family groups who keep on sending those annoying pictures of their niece’s first poo time picture. And every time you try to click a picture, your phone memory is full with these weird photos.
‘Forward this message to 10 people else you will have a bad life and the worst wife’ kind of people. I mean seriously how is sending 10 random people a text message help me with my compatibility with my future wife?
People who text you once in too many years to just get a like on their Facebook new profile picture.
The kind of people who you see online always but never respond to one important text that you sent even after whatsapp clearly shows two blue ticks!
Ones who every time you text them ask back “Whose This?” and give one permanent reason that they got their phone swapped and hence accidentally that deleted your contact number!
The girl or guy you met over Tinder whose flirting with you but have a car or a model as their display picture. This category of people are plain DANGER! Stay Away.


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