10 Perfect Christmas Plans This Year.

10 Perfect Christmas Plans This Year.

Every year 25th December is a holiday for all of us and we celebrate it in the very conventional way of just sitting at home the entire day and in the evening may be visit a mall and see the Christmas tree decorations. But this year, Storyalert gives you new and innovative ideas to pep-up your regular Christmas Day and make it a lot more fun and different!


Christmas Stocking Gifts & Surprises: Buy the Christmas Stocking for all of your friends and family and and fill it with amazing gifts. Now before they take it and open it play the guess game with them and see what gifts they hoped for.
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Playing secret Santa at office or college: Distribute name chits in the college/ office & allot one chit to every person. Ask the person to buy a gift for their colleague or friends and keep it secretly on their work place. This way you keep the stride of childhood alive.
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Human Christmas Tree: Divide your friends in two teams and ask one of them to be the human Christmas tree who everybody decorates. See who becomes the most beautiful tree.
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Learn a Christmas Carol by heart before Christmas and on the day go to the Church and sing it out loud from your heart.
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Keep a RED and themed party at your place and exempt every one from dressing up as Santa. Now see what ideas to people come up with.
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Become a part of choir and go out on Christmas Eve with them door to door wishing people Merry Christmas!
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Celebrate a Candle Lightning Service at your place on Christmas Eve. Imagine the cold night of Christmas and your house is well lit with beautiful candles! Such a splendid experience.
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And the best part of Christmas is baking and binging on that amazing rum cake!
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Create a Mistletoe: Keep a small game of creating DIY mistletoe and play that with your friends to bring good luck!
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Be a Santa to the people who actually need it. Go visit an orphanage or an old age home with sweet little gifts for every body and be a true noble Santa to those people. You will earn a lot of blessings and self-satisfaction. :)

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This Christmas make it a bit more fun and an element of celebration to this super amazing festival. Team StoryAlert wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

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