10 Perks Of Being An Intern/ Trainee In A MNC

10 Perks Of Being An Intern/ Trainee In A MNC

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Our whole lives we wait to become an adult and when we become one, childhood is what we miss. In all this time of realization, comes a time in a teenager’s life where he feels the same. During his//her internship or training period. You are there in the outer world, all excited for exposure and all ready to learn and in all this time you get few perks to earn:

1. You got no office hours to meet! People hardly notice your in-time or out-time.


2. And same goes for work deadlines. No responsibilities, no worries!


3. You got no fear of making mistakes. ‘You are here to learn my friend!’


4. You can mingle with as many people as you want. Make contacts, create networks, no one judges an intern!


5. An intern/ trainee doesn’t have to directly deal with the boss fury. You have seniors to handle that!


6. You have an advantage of learning from people around and no one will say a no to you!

Interns = No competition.


7. You get to hear stories from your seniors and take notes from their experiences.


8. Appreciation comes as a bonus for you. Because most of the time you don’t expect them coming your way!


9. You bear no tension of confirmation, promotion or resignation. Phew!


10. Best part! No one can fire an intern! 😀 So, enjoy guys before you get a boss at your head.

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