10 Problems Of Girls Who Are Just Too ‘CUTE’

10 Problems Of Girls Who Are Just Too ‘CUTE’

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Girls love to hear compliments. It is one thing that they can’t do without but being called, ‘cute’ is not something they look forward too. Imagine! A girl who takes hours to get ready and at the end the compliment she gets is ‘cute’.

Buck up guys! Check what to do when with a cute girl:

*Just don’t call her cute*


1. You hate when people tell you that you have a baby face!


2. You regret that you will always look young and never your age.


3. It automatically makes you feel 10 times less hot in front of others.


4. People usually shake hand or hug when meet but with you they pull cheeks!


5. You just look ‘cute’ in all your pictures and selfies. And wonder where is the sexy pout?


6. You have tried all kind of hairstyles to get the cuteness away!


7. Your friends tell, you look cute when you cry! WTF? No feelings man!


8. You have the most clichéd nick names for you like, “Golu”!


9. You are fed up of compliments that tell you are ‘sweet & cute’ and not ‘sexy & hot’.


10. But those cute lifted cheeks always have the brightest smile and is a treat to others too!