10 Problems Only A True Traveler Can Relate To

10 Problems Only A True Traveler Can Relate To

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Today we all are bitten by the travel bug! The wanderlust life has inspired each one of us and turned the traveler inside us, into a vagabond.

Beyond all the pros’, here are few cons that all travelers like us, take up with a smile:


1. You can never say no to any travel plan!


2. And this leaves you with lots of plans on your list!


3. You get confused to choose which friend’s group and destination?


4. You find it hard to say a no to a destination than saying no to your friends.


5. You are almost broke all the time as your travel bug bites you quite often!


6. Your a victim of your parent’s lectures every time you ask for a trip permission! *If you do*


7. You keep thinking of new excuses and ideas to take off from your office to travel.


8. You have become a pro at organizing trips and itineraries.


9. Plus, a travel guide too for knowing too much about too many places! :p



10. P.S- You can’t help it and take all these pains with a smile, after all TRAVEL IS YOUR DRUG AND YOUR LOVE.