10 Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

10 Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

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We all believe in natural beauty and admire it completely. A slightest of thing that hampers it starts bothering us. The best example of it is, spectacles! Eyes are called the way to your heart but what if it is walled with glasses? Not a sight we all wish to see.

So, here we console and understand the pain of people who wear glasses:

1. Your whole world becomes dark when don’t have your glasses on.


2. People like to try your glasses and it’s like a fun game to them.


3. While taking shots, your glass meets your glasses automatically.


4. You don’t understand what people find so cool about specs?


5. Glasses fogging up in AC and heaters are like pain in your ass.


6. Constant cleaning of glasses is another irritating task of your life!


7. Sweat is your biggest enemy on hot, humid, summer days.


8. You choose to get clicked without your glasses!


9. Watching a 3D movie is one of the most awkward situations you face.



10. Adventurous rides, cooking, kissing, everything to you seems like perks of non specy people!



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