10 Questions Every 20 Something In India Is Tired Of Answering

10 Questions Every 20 Something In India Is Tired Of Answering

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Your 20’s are basically categorised by cluelessness, terrible realisations like you’re not going to be 18 forever and terror! You’re going about your life pretending to be an adult but you’re not sure how adult life works. You’re partying till 3 a.m. when you’ve got work at 9 a.m. but you’re not ready to give up on your wild side yet. If you’re in your 20’s and have the jaws of panic clutching around your neck, this list is definitely for you.

1. “Beta shaadi kab karoge?” Because everyone’s primary aim in life is to get married right?

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I just freaking turned 21, can I have some time to breathe?

2. “What do you REALLY want to do with your life?”

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I can’t even decide what I want to eat for lunch, how am I supposed to decide what I REALLY want to do with the rest of my life!

3. “Do you really want to continue this job for the rest of your life?”


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Like I said, I can’t even decide about minor things like lunch today so don’t ask me stupid questions!

4. “My brother’s daughter’s friend is single. Meeting karvayu kya?”


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What part of I don’t want to get married right now do you not understand? I feel like every uncle/aunty has their own private matchmaking business.

5. “Ek baar shaadi ke bare soch to lo, she’s a very beautiful girl/ he’s a very rich boy” #Baffled

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It’s like these people have no work in life except for getting you married! They shall not rest in peace until you are as miserable as them.

6. “What is your salary? Kitna kama lete ho?”


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Umm, not only is this complete invasion of privacy, it is also awfully rude!

7. “Is this even a real job? Advertising! What’s advertising? Engineering padha hota to aaj yeh din nahi aata


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How about you go to hell and stop annoying the shit out of me.

8. “What’s your 5 year plan? Paanch saal ke baad kya karoage?


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I don’t know! If I did I would have shut you up a long time ago and even if I did I really don’t want to tell you.

9. “You should settle down now varna log kya kahenge?”


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Ahh, the dreaded log kya kahenge again! Why don’t you go use that line on someone who actually gives a damn?

10. “When I was your age…..”
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This is the worst one of them all. I don’t care if you had 3 kids and 5 jobs at my age. Let me live!