10 Reasons Cricket is a Religion in India

10 Reasons Cricket is a Religion in India

India lives, eats, breaths cricket making it not just any sport but a full-fledged religion for all of us. We love every moment the team is on field and every time they’re off-field. Be it the perfection of Virat or his admiration for Sachin, everything is close to our hearts when it comes to cricket. Here are some reasons why cricket is our religion:

Gully Cricket: We all have spent our childhood playing gully cricket and that has made us love this sport even more than anything.
Celebration Time: Most of the indian matches are less competitive for everyone and more f a celebration for families to sit together and be happy.


The Feeling of United: There is no man-woman, child-parent, hindu-sikh in cricket. Everyone is then an Indian and loves to simply watch the match in full power!


Office Break: On the days of Ind Vs Pak, every office is on an official break called cricket-fever and loves to stay there enjoying each moment with their colleagues.
So much of drama: Indians have a habit of loving everything which is full of drama and there is no other sport that gives more drama than cricket and hence, we Indians simply LOVE IT.
That moment of that holds everyone’s breath: Those moments of a catch by Dhoni or that 6 runs by Virat, we all live for moments like that. We simply adore the cricket moments that takes our breath away!
Pakistanis react while watching on a large screen their national team play India during a ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final match, in Islamabad March 30, 2011. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood/Files
Ind Vs Pak: This is the ONE & ONLY reason cricket has managed to be in our nerves since forever. Pak wars now are only on-field and Indian Team manages to win here too. *wink*wink*
Thrill of Winning: That joy of winning, going out bursting crackers or visiting India Gate in happiness is why we have been living the life of happiness & simply love every bit of it.
Those Money Matters: No matter how small the amount is, if there is a match Indians can not resist from speculations and betting their money on who will win & how will win.
Living Life to the Fullest: Cricket since forever has been teaching us the meaning of life. We all see how there is win or a loss and how one day you’re everyone’s favourite and the next your not. So we all learn our life lessons too from our religion.


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