8 Reasons to Watch Kapoor & Sons this Weekend

8 Reasons to Watch Kapoor & Sons this Weekend

This movie has been the talk-of-the-town since a long time now & everybody was eagerly waiting for the release of this new Dharma Productions. And now that the movie is out, StoryAlert just did a small analysis and brings to you 10 reasons that why Kapoor & Sons should be on your weekend plan.


Reason 1: Fawad Khan
I know girls do not need me to explain this point, but in this movie honestly he looks so dashing that even guys could have a crush on him. His impeccable acting and brilliant performance is worth a watch.
Reason 2: Dadu
Rishi Kapoor and his perky ways of dealing with the situations was a crazy aspect in the move. He always managed to keep the fun quotient alive and the way he called iPad as iPapad has given Apple a completely revolutionary idea for their next product.
Reason 3: Alia Bhatt
She is exuberant, crazy and whacky in every bit of her on-screen presence in the movie. She manages to look absolutely flawless and the way she dances on Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull just proves how naturally fun she is.


Reason 4: The Love For Family
This is a movie you could all go together as a family and watch in the movie theatre together and enjoy every inch of it. Also, there is a big chance that it will bring you closer as a family realizing how sweet this family is.
Reason 5: The Music & Background Sounds
The songs of the movie is already topping the charts but the background sounds during the movie is also done in an impeccable way. Karan Johar has never left a stone unturned to make great music in his movies and so is the case in this one too.


Reason 6: The Message
KNS has tried to convey the message that how no family is a perfect family and there are not always happy endings in every story but we all learn to live with our faulty lives and that is what is meant by moving on truly.
Reason 7: The Trio
Sid, Alia and Fawad as a trio have looked stunningly gorgeous. There are moments you fall a little in love with all the 3 characters and it just gives you giggles to watch both the guys look so handsome and Alia having a shit at both of them! *Lucky Girl*
Reason 8: The Emotions
It will manage to tickle that emotional nerve in you and bring you to shed a tear or two. But trust us, it is totally worth it.

So all in all, we give KNS all Stars from our side as your weekend pick for this week. Go watch the movie!

Gif and Image Sources: Tumblr.com , Rediff.com, Hindustantimes.com