10 Reasons Why A Woman Stares At Another Woman

10 Reasons Why A Woman Stares At Another Woman

The occasional glance is normal because women are visually more competitive and size each other up.  But flat out staring is creepy!

Where guys ogling at girls needs no explanation, what happens when a woman checks out another woman? Read on to see if you are one of them or had such interesting observations:


  1. Yeh mere se zyada sundar kaise hai?’ or How is her hair so perfect?is how some women compare themselves with another woman.



  1. Some women think they’re a favour to the mankind ! Things like Bechari ke sandals pe chewing gum chipki vi hai’ would be the most pitiful thing they would say for them (Sarcastically.. ha ha !)



  1. And when they find something unusual in a girl, they simply stare and wonder, Yeh kya pehna hai isne?’


  1. If they see someone else wearing an outfit same as they possess.. BLUNDER ! ‘Oh no! I can’t wear that dress again’ or ‘Woh top mere par zyada achchi lagti hai…’



  1. Some women stare suspiciously, thinking why most men are staring at that girl ! ‘Kaun hai wo !’


  1. ‘What brand is she wearing?’ is something a lot of women look in another woman’s dresses, especially if you live in a metropolitan city.



  1. The small-town/big-city glare is too common among women. All it takes is ‘Yeh bade sheher ki bigdi hui ladkiyaan’ or ‘How tacky are these small-town girls’ to start the battle of cities.


  1. Of course, how can one forget the hatred glare?


  1. C’mon, it’s not that women only stare to demean another woman or make them conscious. They could also stare in awe and often wish ‘I wish I spoke like her in front of everyone’ or ‘ I like her style! May be I will try it next time or just compliment her!”



  1. At times a woman JUST stares without any reason. As if their vision has got stuck on a woman. And just when you give back a dirty look, they stop staring and look sorry.



Have you ever experienced a glare from another woman? Or have you ever kept on looking at another girl for weird reasons? :p

Do let us know your funny experiences by commenting below.