10 Reasons Why Bad Graders Often Become More Successful

10 Reasons Why Bad Graders Often Become More Successful

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We have ample of examples to support the fact that eventually bad graders often become more successful including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and even Einstein. So when such people are at amazing levels of success, we decode the reasons that how bad grades lead to awesome success of the people.


1. When grades do not matter is exactly when people focus on skills. 



2. They find a way out to do things in more simpler manner and with a better approach.



3. Bookish knowledge is too shallow when compared to practical hands-on.



4. The bad graders are way too efficient in working hard and striving for what they want.


5. And for them one time failure is not end of the world. They try again.


6. The bad graders know how to face crisis and at the end of the day how to deal with it.


7. They realize the value of mehnat and ensure that things are extremely organized.



8. They do not limit their mind and intellect to just course books. They think beyond the obvious.



9. Leading to brilliant creations and success.



10. They appreciate their lives and reasons for their success are their thirst for making it BIG.



So, smile and share a laugh if you agree to the fact that bad grades and course books are not the end of the world. You can be successful with bad grades too.

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