10 Reasons Why Crying Is Not A Weakness But Strength

10 Reasons Why Crying Is Not A Weakness But Strength

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Crying is usually considered as a sign of weakness. Not only by the people who watch someone cry but also by the people who are emotionally weak or have this habit. We just want to say that, “Guys! It’s BULLSHIT.” Crying is as normal as any expression. Simply, the way you smile, stress, care or shout, crying is also like a just another expression.

And today we clarify this myth by telling how you should consider crying as your strength and not as a weakness:


1. You are strong enough to express and not hide your emotions.


2. Shedding a tear or two is not a sign of pain but a sign that you care.


3. Many people aren’t able to cry and don’t know how to express!


4. Crying as a trait tells that you accept yourself completely.


5. And even others have to accept if they are the valuable ones in your life.


6. “Khushi ke aansu” does exist as a term and expression.


7. It is the best way to vent out your deepest emotions.


8. After you are done, there is a inner peace and calmness that no one else can provide you with.


9. You make better decisions when you are free from emotions that make you feel weak.


10. Those you are comfortable with crying comes out stronger as a person!