10 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Apple

10 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Apple

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This company has been the biggest one of all times and there is nobody who does not dream of being a brand as big as Apple. Since forever one man has only managed to leave such a mark on the industry and Steve Jobs can be easily called as the curator and builder of the brand Apple. Although we all know why we love the brand, here are a few reasons to add to your Apple-philia!

The focus is on design with technology: In all these years there is no company that focusses on both the aspects of brilliant technology and seamless design aesthetics making it the perfect brand.


Keeps the utility in mind: There is no function that any of the Apple products has that can’t be utilized into something which is solely meant for the users giving the product a utility appeal as well.
Apple Watches are seen on display at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City, July 21, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar
The way they rule the market: Apple is known to be one of the best brands to market their products in their own uniqueness. Never going for anything conventional, Apple is known to float their own rumours.
The luxury appeal: People who do not own an Apple, aspires an it. That is only due to the excellency in the luxury of their products.
Steve Jobs: Even after his demise, Steve Jobs is everybody’s idol and worship his tactics and techniques. All the employees at Apple used to love him and hate him according to the book Inside Apple.
User Experience: If you’re an Apple user, you are the one who truly understands what is perfection of user experience. Everything has been designed keeping in mind the science behind human brains and their reactions.
The seamless touch: The reason phrase “Once an Apple user, always an Apple user” gained momentum was for the reason of it’s touch. Once you switch to Apple, you can never go for any other phone and even if you do, the touch will never be as amazing as Apple’s.
It’s not about the product, it’s about the brand: Since forever, Apple is not just a product but a Brand. They have never advertised their single product and always fry the bigger fish of propagating the brand.
Perfect Services: The year-long warranty of the phone comes with a clause that in case there is any kind of software damage, you will receive a completely new phone making it the best company ever.
iFamily: The way Apple has worked their brains about building their entire range of products make it the greatest brand of all times. They have smartly integrated the functions so that a customer is compelled to buy an iPad after buying iPhone.


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