10 Reasons Why ex-Lovers Can Never Be Friends

10 Reasons Why ex-Lovers Can Never Be Friends

All you love struck and heart broken people, please note one fact: You can never get back to your ex and s/he can never be just your friend. This is a universal truth which none of us accept and think that we can be two cool awesome people who will break the stereotypical notion by being friends with your ex. But just know you can not. Here are 10 reasons to prove that:


It will end up hurting one of you two. Either you will have issues with him not paying attention to you how he used to be or she will have issues with you still not eating properly. You will fight and things will again fall apart.
Expectations are simply way too high. You two have been in a relationship for so long and expect so much from each other that you will end up expecting again as two friends and when the other person can not give you that, it leads back to point 1 (above).


Possessiveness that you’ve shared as a couple may continue in friendship also. You might expect him to swear to celibacy for you. But believe me, it will never happen. You have to move on.
You most certainly will not fall back in love with each other but there might be sometimes when you might think of going back to that intimacy. He is eventually your safe zone plus you too know each others needs and demands as a couple.
The depressed days may lead to sad drunk calls when you tell him/ her how badly you have been hurt and play the blame game with each other.
If your lover is around, you can never move on and find someone new in your life. If you keep on hanging out with your ex, no new person can find you as single because they see explicitly how attached you two are with each other.
When you 2 hang out together, your friends still are in habit of giving you a personal space and that leads to giving you awkward moments together.
You will get emotional and think that this might lead back to two of you getting back together. But accept the fact that it is never going to happen. No matter what. Because if it had to work, it would have had worked.
You will always say that you want them to be happy, but in reality you do not ever want them to go out and start dating someone else.
You cannot undo what all has been done in the past and it is going to hurt when you have to again undergo that entire experience of being hurt and heart broken.

Like if you agree to this list and will vow to never again try and be friends with your ex.


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