10 Reasons Why Guys With Beards Are Sexier

10 Reasons Why Guys With Beards Are Sexier

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How many of girls out there found Ranbir a.k.a Kabira more hot in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani as compared to Wake Up Sid?Do you still find Arjun Rampal tempting for keeping that beard in his movie Inkaar and regret him not exploring that before? If yes, then now we are talking girls! Because beards are the new six pack abs!

Read on to know more:

1. A beard is a symbol of man’s manliness, strength and not a boy anymore!


2. Beards give a sense of maturity to a man which women find difficult to ignore.


3. It makes men look sexier! Period.


4. Beards are ‘rough & tough’ and give a sense edginess to a man’s personality.


5. It gives a confident look to a man who knows exactly what he’s doing in life!


6. Beards compliment all looks of a man. Traditional, casual, cool or a complete bad ass!


7. He might be gentle at heart but the beard adds all the required grunge!


8. They look sophisticated by default I guess!


9. Kissing them isn’t as big issue as it seems.


10. Because men with beards are like timeless wine! Classic and better.