10 Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Date In Your...

10 Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Date In Your 20’s

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20’s is the most exciting time of one’s life. You are not too young, not too old. You have freshly tasted freedom and the young blood in you pumps only positive energy. So, do you really want to hamper that? Are you prepared for Date and its consequences? I think you need to shuffle your thoughts a bit and go through the following once:


1. Heart breaks hurt more in your struggling days of 20’s.


2. Its better to focus on your blooming career more than a dying relationship.


3. 20’s is the time when its good to be selfish rather than thinking about someone else too.


4. It’s intelligent to keep one responsibility less from the list!


5. Explore your taste and choice before getting into any serious commitment.


6. 20’s is the time when you hold on to many distractions. Have time to be distracted.


7. You are already spending too much time struggling and then a relationship? It takes away your family time and social life too.


8. You aren’t very cautious of what you say and what you do and then jumping into a relationship, not a very good idea.


9. 20’s is the time to spend in traveling and not on gifting or dating!


10. You ruin the best decade of your life by coming into a relationship. Nagging partners, trivial fights and failed expectations are just a few out of a long list!



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