10 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Hate People

10 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Hate People

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We all are humans. Each one of has different traits and character and it’s nowhere written to be cool with each other. Ha! Yes. We all are evil deep inside and find it completely cool to hate people around. Why? It’s unfair,rude or harsh to say? But isn’t it the bitter truth? Read on to agree:

1. Because people are mean, stupid and illogical most of the times.


2. Because being judged isn’t something you were born for.


3. Because you aren’t here to bear someone’s tantrums.


4. Because you aren’t paid to listen shit of others about others!


5. Because you haven’t given the right to someone to bring negativity in your life.


6. Because you don’t exist to please other but yourself.


7. Because you were never aware you will be born among hypocrites.


8. Because you aren’t supposed to be stopped for doing what you want.


9. Because you aren’t someone else’s property but king of your own wishes.


10. Because yes! I hate you too for cribbing about this post but if you support LET THE HATE BEGIN. 😛 😀