10 Reasons Why Leonardo Had To Win The Oscar This Time

10 Reasons Why Leonardo Had To Win The Oscar This Time

When Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar, the entire world went berserk about his big WIN. Now with this great award in his kitty, we all need to understand why him winning was even more important for all of us and became a global issue.

If this time he would not have won the Oscar, his sacrifice in Titanic of not getting on the wooden log would have gone waste since in The Revenant he did get on the log pretty well.


The not winning Oscar memes were almost ending and we needed something new now to break the monotony. So they gave him the Oscar for new memes to come!
The bear’s sacrifice for dying for Leonardo would have also gone waste since the bear had done incredible efforts to kill Leonardo.
He had practised his winning speech too many times now and he would have after this just lost all hopes to practise it all over again.
Kate Winslet and their friendship was now almost losing all its shine and their were no more #LeoKate hashtags to promote until something big happens.
Wolf of Wall Street’s director wanted to check his fate and turns out Leonardo was not the lucky charm for him to bag the Oscar home!
Leonardo’s memories of his wife in The Revenant were actually his depressing thoughts about him not winning an Oscar.
The world really badly needed an award-winning speech to save the depleting environment and without Leo, that wouldn’t have been possible.
After Matthew Mcconaughey famous Oscar Speech, every one needed an boost for the next year’s speech which Leo managed to bag as well along with the Oscar.
Without any second thoughts, he also totally deserved it for his amazing performance in the movie.


Gif Sources: Tumblr.com