10 Reasons Why Shahid Kapoor Will be Breaking Every Girl’s Heart Today

10 Reasons Why Shahid Kapoor Will be Breaking Every Girl’s Heart Today

The one guy who has been on every teenage girl’s heart since his 1st movie debut in Ishq Vishq with his incredible charm is all set to have a real Vivah today. It is a day of extreme grief for all the girls because admit it, we have all dream of making him our Pati even before watching Vivah.

Here are 10 reasons why Shahid Kapoor is breaking our hearts:


1. The boyish charm to the light stubble to the heavy beard, every damn look suits this guy and he’s getting married! *sob sob*



2. Those dance moves ‘to-die-for’ in IIFA is something nobody can ever forget and now it’s just for her.



3. He’s getting married to a 23-year old. Why it could not have been us?


4. The wedding is scheduled in Delhi let’s plan a kidnap! *hehaha(wicked laugh)*



5. This is just before Jhalak Dikhla Ja airs . Now we can not even mourn in peace.



6. The dreamy eyes we have always wanted to get lost into are now all hers to look into.



7. It came as such a shock. No news, no publicity, just marriage. We don’t even have a decent picture of bride-to-be to do our analysis.



8. Or probably go to temples in the hope of finding someone as hot as him.



9. Gatecrashing the wedding seems a good option. One last look at the ‘single’ Shahid is all we want. Mujhe Haq Hai…



10. Shahid, if you’re listening PLEASE DONT DO THIS. We love you a lot.


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GIF and ImageSource: Tumblr.com