10 Reasons Why Today’s Generation is Failing at Relationships

10 Reasons Why Today’s Generation is Failing at Relationships

How times change and things go from true movie romance lives to zero romance for Gen-Y. We people who belong to this new breed of zero relationship sense and full stupidity are failing terribly in dealing with our love lives. Here are a few reasons for this happening too often now:

Lack of time: Today literally nobody has the time and everyone is simply running from one thing to another and a relationship specially demands time devotion.


No sense of commitment: Gen-Y has stopped believing that there is a concept of commitment. For them it is either “just friends” or “friends with benefits”. There is nothing more, nothing less.


Unrealistic expectations: Everybody has too much expectations from their perfect partner. S/he should be sexy and at the same time too intelligent and should never complain about me not having time. Oh and most important s/he should be VIRGIN. There is nothing as picture perfect girl/boyfriend guys!
Too many aspirations: We have so much to achieve in our lives that we fail to realize that we have stopped living it. The work machines that we all are becoming makes us low love-centric.
Flirting is priority: Even if you sometime might get into commitment, you do not want to stop flirting around with other people. You know, just-in-case!
Lack of romance: We all have forgotten the concept of asking out, going down on the knees and proposing, bringing flowers. It is only now whatsapp and snapchat goals!
Trust Issues: Being so upfront we all have had bad experiences or do not get into relationship because our friend’s friend suffered a lot in his relationship and we just do not want to bother ourselves by undergoing so many troubles.
Too much ego: Both the girls and the guys are so ego centred that they never want to take an initiative. They are stuck on their constant denial for feelings because of fear of rejections.
Compromising is no concept: Nobody in today’s arena wants to compromise. Compromising has become a crime and the one who does it is tagged as a Loser with ‘L’ in caps!
Filmy love-craving: We dream of being in the picture perfect romance where SRK runs off from London to Punjab to get his Simran back that we do not concentrate on the guy/ girl who is every day doing little things for us!


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