10 Reasons Why We All Love Spending Time In Our Bathroom

10 Reasons Why We All Love Spending Time In Our Bathroom

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Bathroom- an essential part of our daily life and home. Inseparable relation we have with it. Our hidden performer takes the charge here and performs whatever comes from his heart. This special relation haven’t got it’s due credit and appreciation. And finally we pay our gratitude to our very own bathroom for it’s great contribution in our lives:


1. In our bathroom we get the most powerful ‘Power Nap’!


2. ‘Jahan soch wahan shauchalaya..’ Life changing ideas rush your mind specially when in the bathroom.


3. It is the place where you re-collect all your thoughts and memories.


4. Bathroom is your stage! Where you perform, every day, without any audience fears. #bathroomsingers rock


5. It’s your own little private world with no disturb elements.


6. You don’t need a spa to relax. Your bathroom is your soothing place with all the aroma and aura.


7. Here, you flush down all your inhibitions about anything and everything!


8. You are the king of your all decisions and feel like a boss in your bathroom!


9. No one judges you here, not even you.


10. All grooming sessions and hit-and-trial hairstyles or pouts or poses are practiced here.


11. After all, even science agrees that being naked makes you feel the best about yourself!


P.S- I thought of writing this in my sweet time in my bathroom! 😀