10 Weird Experiences Of Mehmaan Nawazi That You Can Relate To

10 Weird Experiences Of Mehmaan Nawazi That You Can Relate To

Atithi devo bhava! It’s not only our Indian tradition but in our roots to be welcoming towards our guests. India is known for it’s hospitality and warmth with which we greet our people. Similarly, when you enter our houses one can experience the same enthusiasm and zeal!

From Mughals to Rajputs till today we have inherited the art of mehmaan nawazi and this is how we roll now:

1. On announcement of every important occasion, a grand dinner is organised immediately for celebrations!

 “Hain, ladki ki shaadi pakki kar di!”



2. And of course after the event, you have to congratulate!

“Beta, shaadi ke baad sabse pehle hamare yahan hi aana!”




3. A return gift is more like a token of love and reason why people like to visit you more often. :p

“Arey yeh toh shagun hota hai!”



4. The more the guests eat and praise, the better host you are considered in the whole family!

“Aji, hamari Mrs. ne apne hathon se khaana banaya hai sab!”



5. And you are a pro at mehmaan nawazi, if you offer some butter chicken and alcohol together!

“Arey Punjabiyan de ghar ho ji!”



6. Less than 4 dishes aren’t considered enough for a dinner or lunch.

P.S- Exclude the sweet dishes.



7. From soup to starters to main course till the guest put down the last glass of water, the host should be smiling all the way…



8. The Golden Rule- “Khaana zyada ho jaaye koi baat nahi par kabhi kam nahi panda chahiye…”



9. The host is always warm and welcoming! “Arey Sharmaji, bacho ko bhi saath leke aate!”



10. “Ek aur gulab jaamun lijiye na.. Apne toh kuch liya hi nahi…”

* No two ways about it*



Toh chalen dinner pe?

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