10 Sexy Indian Men You Cannot Get Enough of

10 Sexy Indian Men You Cannot Get Enough of

We women want everything perfect, starting from our make up to our hair to the men we want to adore. We agree that Hollywood has men like Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, but we Indians have our own ultra-sexy men you can not ever get enough of. Check out the list!
1. Arjun Rampal: This extremely well-shaped-over-the-top-perfect-jawline man is someone no girl could ever get enough of.
2. Atif Aslam: With the seduction of his voice and those dreamy little eyes were too much to take when God gave us cherries on the top as his deadly looks.
3. Virat Kohli: India’s cricket team and Anushka Sharma are too lucky people to have a clean sweep access to this man! *Envy* is the only word.


4. Ranveer Singh: This man is not only too hot, he is witty, charming and entertaining. How can anybody ever not love him!


5. Vikas Khanna: What does a girl dream about? A breakfast in bed sometimes in the morning and a hot guy to serve it to make their morning perfect. So who better than this extra-ordinary chef himself!


6. Siddharth Mallya: His looks were good enough to make us swoon and swelter over him, but he was also blessed with Richie-Rich kind of pockets. Dreaming already?
7. Mohit Raina: If you have seen this man playing Lord Shiva, you know why he features on this list. I mean we know it’s bad to have hots for God, but a man like him makes us go weak in the knees!
8. Karan Singh Grover: This hot-shot whose TV success is tremendous and his sexy body against Bipasha Basu was all we need to make us go all crazy about him!
9. Niketan Mandhok: This hot model who had a shot at Bigg Boss would have had a clean sweep in the game but we all ladies wanted him out of the house to look at him all the while!
10. Manish Malhotra: Along with being the most amazing fashion designer, Manish Malhotra can himslef take up the rank and be as sexy as the models who walk for him. Agreed Girls?
So now that all of you can come back to the real world and let us know if we skipped any names you wanted here!

Gif and Image Sources: Tumblr.com & Pinterest.com