10 Signs That Prove You Are Having A Secret Affair With Fast...

10 Signs That Prove You Are Having A Secret Affair With Fast food

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Your love for food knows no bounds but you love fast food more than anything else. The worst part about travelling for you is not having access to some instant road-side pani puri! You know you can never live in another country because your love for aloo pakoras is probably the most important thing to you but you aren’t partial to just aloo pakoras. All types of pakoras will do! If you’re mouth is already watering then you’ve definitely landed on the right page.

1. You can eat fast food at any time of the day or night. #TrueLove

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There’s no proper time to eat fast food.

2. You eat street food even when you’re not hungry.


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You’re constantly craving some Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji.

3. When you’re wolfing down some Pani Puri, everything else can wait.

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There is nothing else more important than your love for ‘Golgappa’.

4. You know all the fast food delivery restaurants in an around your house.


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And they know you by voice because of the sheer number of time you’ve ordered food from there.

5. You sometimes order fast food late at night without anyone else knowing. You’re parents are well aware of your addiction and might just kill you if they find out.

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Don’t even deny it, you know it’s true.

6. You ask everyone if they want anything before calling for your favourite dish and you make it very clear that you will not share.

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If they want to eat something they can order for themselves!

7. When you’ve ordered for fast food delivery and the doorbell rings, your heart does a slight fluttering dance.

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You’re mouth has probably been watering since the time you placed your order.

8. You have visions of street side sandwiches and misal pav dancing in your head.


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Nothing can change your love for roadside sandwich.

9. You take it personally when someone says they hate street food.

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You’re all like don’t even get me started bitch!

10. You’re facing a constant inner battle between your love for fast food and staying thin.

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But in the end your love for food always wins, hand down! And of course, this article has made you unbearably hungry.