10 Signs That Festive Season Has Finally Arrived For You

10 Signs That Festive Season Has Finally Arrived For You

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November is here & our excitement has reached its peaks. Like every year, we all welcome this festive season with same enthusiasm and energy. And have a look what’s currently going on in our lives:


1. You are planning 10 card parties at 10 different places.

And try to make it to at least half of them.

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2. For a change, you’re annoyed for having so many plans in a single month!

But at the same time excited to meet so many people.



3. Figuring out clothes is another task at your plate.

But looking good at every party is important too.

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4. Most of your plans are stuck because of choosing among friends and family.

And you manage well, thanks to your planning skills.

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5. You are all excited about all the gifts coming in & distributing them too.


6. Welcome the loads of chuttis’ coming your way.



7. You look forward to decorating your home and like cleanliness for a change!



8. It is the best time to meet all your old & long lost friends.


9. You have now one more reason to booze that too a valid one!


10. You are enjoying the festive mood and every day have something exciting to look forward!



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